Anthony Weiner: Ferris Bueller or Forrest Gump?

Anthony Weiner acts as if he is just a kid playing pranks and saying “Sorry” fixes everything. He thinks he’s Ferris Bueller taking a day off from serious political work.

Actually, he’s more of a Forrest Gump without the lovability factor. It’s definitely a case of “stupid is as stupid does”. However, add in the psychotic, sociopathetic traits of Dexter, and there you have the real Anthony Weiner.

Notice how he misuses words and misleads with innocuous phrases:

“Some of these things happened before my resignation. Some of them happened after.”

Really? They “happened”… or you DID them?

“While some things that have been posted today are true and some are not, there is no question that what I did was wrong.”

Some are not true as in what he said or some are not true that he even did them. Oh, and the soft, fluffy “these things”?

“This behavior is behind me, problematic to say the least and destructive to say the most.”

Oh, I-was-a-bad-boy.

“Some things may come out that are true,” he said at the time. “Some things are not. … Basically, New Yorkers know the story. I did it. I did it with multiple people. These things were wrong and inappropriate, and I never should have been dishonest about it. They played out in the most public and embarrassing way possible. And that’s it.”

Okay, New Yorkers understand these things. Heck, they even accept them and put it behind them, moving on to more important stuff. Right.

“I’m surprised that more things didn’t come out sooner.”

Heh heh, I got away with it. You guys are slow.

“In many ways, things are not that much different than they were yesterday. This behavior … caused many stresses and stains in my marriage. But I am pleased and blessed that she has given me a second chance.”

Yes, just like may serial killers (remember the Dexter reference), he finds forgiveness and love from a woman that reminds us of those who correspond with and sometimes marry murderous inmates.

This is a pretty bad movie, overall, and hopefully New York’s citizens will not stand in line for his show.

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Oscar de Pedro Juan has a background in Law Enforcement and Technology. His current employment allows him the luxury of not only reviewing and writing about high tech -- and low-brow -- crime, but he is often in a position to perform detailed investigation of a subject.
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