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Oscar de Pedro Juan has a background in Law Enforcement and Technology. His current employment allows him the luxury of not only reviewing and writing about high tech -- and low-brow -- crime, but he is often in a position to perform detailed investigation of a subject.

Anthony Weiner: Ferris Bueller or Forrest Gump?

Anthony Weiner acts as if he is just a kid playing pranks and saying “Sorry” fixes everything. He thinks he’s Ferris Bueller taking a day off from serious political work. Actually, he’s more of a Forrest Gump without the lovability … Continue reading

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Social and Internet Law Violation by the LA City Council

“Once such a comparison [to Hitler or Nazis] is made, the discussion is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically ‘lost’ whatever debate was in progress.” — Godwin’s Law, Corollary #1: Continue reading

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Violators Will Be Ridiculed: Laws, Theorems, and Corollaries which Govern Our Lives in the Age of the Internet

Here is a compilation of the various universal truths about technology, data and the Internet. These have been discovered and experienced by some of today’s leading thinkers, authors and observers. Continue reading

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The Modern Rules of the Internet (The “Revised Russo Translation” with study notes)

“Even if there was a secret Cabal who controlled this forum/Wikipedia/The Internet, no-one would admit to being on it.” Continue reading

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