We Don’t Need No Stink’n Fiscal Responsibility

What is this the great Governator says we should “…not get stuck just on fiscal responsibility.” Was this the same guy who we put in office because Gray Davis was not ahh err fiscally responsible?

The state of California is basically bankrupt and all the Governor can do is suggest raising taxes and cut school spending. As if there is no place in the $144.4 billion state budget that can be cut without affecting essential services. Did you know we spend over $2.7 million per year to have an Office of the Lieutenant Governor?

The electorate in California is not blameless here either. Just this last election on November 4th we Californians opted to borrow via bond issues over $23 billion. At some point this has to stop the state can’t keep borrowing and spending like this. If we don’t get stuck on fiscal responsibility soon we are going to be stuck in bankruptcy.

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